ENDANG PREGIWA is the daughter of Arjuna, one of Pandawa with Dewi Manuhara  the daughter of Bagawan Sidik Wacana from asceticism of Andong Sumiwi  Endang Pregiwa has a sister namely Endang Pregiwati, they were twice. Pregiwa also has 14 (fourteen) half brothers they were:  Abimanyu, Sumitra, Bratalaras, Bambang Irawan, Kumaladewa, Kumalasakti, Wilugangga, Prabakusuma, Wijanarka, antakadewa and Bambang Sumbada.
Since she was baby, Pregiwa and Pregiwati were lives in asceticism of Andong Sumiwi with mother and their grandfather. When they were adult, Pregiwa and Pregiwati were living the asceticism to gone to Manduraka to look for their father, Arjuna.
Pregiwa has characters loyal, patience, nice and good behavior. Pregiwa was married with Raden Gatotkaca, the king of Pringgondani  as the son of Bima and Dewi Arimbi   it means her own cousin. From that marriage, she got a son namely Arya Sasikirana.


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